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Zinc is the secret backbone of e-commerce. We have built software that manages listing creation, inventory management, repricing, and order fulfillment for tens of thousands of the top Amazon and eBay sellers. We power the product catalog for dozens of US and international e-commerce sites.

Our founders and lead engineers hail from MIT and have worked at top-tier Silicon Valley companies including Palantir, Stripe, Dropbox, Nest, and Optimizely. Our software powers small businesses, public companies, resellers, and brands, for whom we process over $250 million in sales per year.

The Zinc API is a suite of APIs for placing orders, getting real-time pricing data, and pulling product catalogs across a wide variety of online retailers.


Place an order on any online retailer with a single API call.


Customize orders by specifying a maximum fulfillable price, filtering by seller, selecting shipping methods, and much more.


Get real-time product details and prices before you order.


We'll work with you to faciliate the perfect integration for your needs, whether you have a dev team or not.

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custom solutions

We work with dozens of enterprise clients across the world.

From counterfeit product detection across marketplaces, to competitive pricing intelligence through sophisticated data collection, to MAP enforcement, we've built products that span the entire gamut of ecommerce.

Buyr: Task consolidation with Zinc Product Pricing APIs
Using the Zinc API enables the merging of product intelligence, pricing, and ordering platforms, freeing resources for business evolution.
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DealDash: Improving operational resilience with the Buy API
Leveraging the Zinc API leads a more streamlined, adaptive workflow that is better prepared for unforeseen marketplace challenges.
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Ohio State Lottery: Automating lottery prize fulfillment with Zinc File Exchange
Partnering with Zinc leads to the development of the File Exchange Service, a custom Zinc API integration built for automated ordering and shipping.
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