Using the Zinc API enables the merging of product intelligence, pricing, and ordering platforms, freeing resources for business evolution.

Since 2015, Buyr has offered a unique way to engage in the ecommerce ecosystem. The Buyr platform enables consumers to shop based on the products they want—rather than by the retailers that sell them—by aggregating items from major retailers onto a single, consolidated platform built from the ground up to ensure better pricing options and intuitive convenience.

Additionally, the platform gives agency back to the consumer by allowing shoppers to make price offers on thousands of different items. Buyr then combines these offers and finds the best deal for all shoppers, empowering the consumer with optimal pricing and the retailer through the opportunity to move additional inventory and form new customer relationships.

Prior to working with Zinc, coordinating pricing, deals, and ordering meant managing a range of rigid platforms built for different purposes. These platforms would not necessarily function consistently, leading to situations where pricing or stock numbers were out of date. “Before using Zinc, we would need to use many disparate tools to gather product data for pricing products and providing retail partners with an accurate snapshot of the market. We also had no way of mitigating inventory shortages or unexpected sales spikes.”

Using the Zinc API, Buyr has been able to consolidate these tasks into a streamlined, automated workflow. Through calls to the API, Buyr can perform a range of operations including populating product pages with up-to-date information, automatically ordering items, and price checking constantly to find the best deals for customers. “With Zinc, we are able to automate so much of our pricing research that it increases our efficiency exponentially and gives our customers the information they need to succeed in real time. We are also able to supplement our product catalog automatically to ensure that we don’t leave any order unfulfilled.“

Through Zinc-enabled optimization, Buyr has had more time to focus on ways to enhance development and further evolve their business: “With the new abilities that the Zinc APIs give us, we have been able to expand our retail partner base much faster than we anticipated and has increased our repeat purchase rate with a new breadth and depth of inventory. Our product roadmap has also been accelerated through leveraging the Zinc tools.”

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