Leveraging the Zinc API leads a more streamlined, adaptive workflow that is better prepared for unforeseen marketplace challenges.

DealDash has been the leading micro-auction platform for bidding on products at heavily discounted rates since 2009. Users can bid on a variety of different items in ten-second auctions that reset upon every bid, with the last bidder winning the product and receiving it shipped free of charge. There are two things that set DealDash apart: they use the profits from selling bid tokens to enable significant discounts on auction prices, and users who do not end up winning items they bid on can keep the tokens they spent by buying the item immediately at market rate.

Prior to working with Zinc, DealDash’s internal operational setup was complicated and somewhat unwieldy. Because of the massive number of products being auctioned, priced, and shipped, DealDash requires an extensive backend infrastructure in order to function smoothly. With a number of disparate moving parts, having a different solution for each of the core operational tasks could become unmanageable and rigid should any issues arise. For example, Amazon.com does more than 2.5 million price changes times per day, so it is easy to get caught with incorrect pricing. Without frequent, automated price checking, the resulting discrepancies can lead to costly discount miscalculation.

In partnering with Zinc, DealDash was able to consolidate these tasks into a single workflow for pricing, ordering, and shipping. Using calls to the Zinc API, DealDash can automate what would otherwise be a time-intensive list of of manual tasks prone to error. Furthermore, this infrastructural merging maximizes the resilience of the platform in the face of market challenges, as working through a single API allows adjustments to be implemented more quickly and definitively.

As a result, DealDash has enjoyed continued success for the past eight years despite a rapidly shifting e-commerce ecosystem and a business model with many shifting components. Zinc's work with DealDash is ongoing, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue to evolve and grow.

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